Terms & Conditions

We abide by the rules

Refund Policy

1. Refund requests are accommodated within 15 days after the delivery of the files.
2. If refund requests are due to quality issues and returned after 15 days, 30% will be charged for proofreading and 50% for the rework. This is computed based on the file length and the original price.
3. This refund policy is for Category A (Excellent) and Category B (Good) videos ONLY.
4. Our quality assurance procedures will be repeated, which includes proofreading and other counter measures, to ensure the refund request is valid.
5. If we do not meet your quality expectations, which hardly ever happen, your refund request will be processed. We can even offer a revised copy for the client.
6. For rush orders and difficult audios, refund requests are not available.
7. If customer approves the transcript/translation before the captioning/subtitling is finished, refund requests are no longer valid.
8. We cannot promise High accuracy for rush orders and difficult quality videos. Rework is also not accepted.

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