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Closed Captioning Burbank

Burbank is one of the cities in Los Angeles, California who can benefit from our closed captioning services Burbank.  By converting the audio contents of a television broadcast, films, video and other multi-media production to text, you can provide your audience with better viewing experience.  Our closed captioning Burbank also aims to assist people with hearing impairments.  We’ve got the most experienced captioning professionals who can deliver outstanding result for your projects regardless of the complexity and difficulty of your source files. 

What are the benefits of using captions?  It’s a simple question and we’re here to provide you the advantages of using our closed captioning services Burbank:Captions are helpful for online learners.  It can greatly enhance the experience of viewers whose language is different from the source material.  Watching videos with closed captions can also improve literacy among children.  This is attributed to the fact that captions are great focal point in understanding vocabulary.

Have you tried watching videos in a noisy environment?  If so, you know how to difficult it is to understand what you are watching.  With closed captioning services Burbank, we can convey the audio into written texts. Captions enhance viewing experience when the sound is obscured.To get started with closed captioning services Burbank, simply upload your files to our secure platform.  We respond right away with a free quote and turnaround details.


Closed Captioning Burbank has set the bar high when it comes to premium closed captioning services.  With over Numerous satisfied clients+ customers worldwide, we always strive for excellence to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.  Captions can enhance viewing experience especially for audience with hearing disability.  There is a wide array of people who needs closed captioning services for tv production, media companies, video producers, directors, and more.  

We have a minimum accuracy rating of High and we don’t stop until this is achieved.  Our network of 1,000+ transcribers is capable of capturing the linguistic nuances of your content.  They are native speakers of more than 100 languages who are proficient and highly-skilled to deliver the best captions.  To further improve our quality, all captions are proofread multiple times before approving for delivery.  If you have large bulk of orders, send them to us.  We can transcribe quickly and return your files in 24 hrs or less.  To meet urgent deadlines, we offer customers with super rush delivery.

Our competitive prices are computed based on the exact length of your files.  You are charged on per minute basis, so you are guaranteed to get honest pricing.  Pay for as low as $1.00/min for English captioning and $7/min. for other languages.Files uploaded on our server are encrypted using 128-bit TSL technology.  NDA agreements are also signed to ensure security and confidentiality.


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